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A Management of Arty-party Designed Events & Communications Centre a.k.a M.A.D. PAT Communications

It is our MADical mission to rise to the occasion. We are a team specialised in designing indoor and outdoor events with over 16 years of practice. This gives M.A.D.PAT Communications the skills and insights to plan, organise and execute any event, customising to your function needs and budget. From meetings to conferences, campaigns and launches to throwing parties, we formulate impactful events with detailed planning involving entertainment, presentations and showcases. 

Our goal is to mastermind intensifying and fascinating events as per below that stimulate your senses, thus, creating a lifetime memory:

✚  Social Affairs, Black Tie, Charity Balls & Annual Dinners

✚  Product or Venue Launch Parties

✚  Reunions, Birthdays, Anniversaries

✚  Wines & Spirits / Booze & Snooze 

✚  Bachelors & Bachelorette Parties 

✚  Weddings (Location, themed setup, planners, invites)

✚  Life's A BEACH  Parties

✚  Single Again Parties

✚  Family and Team Buildings

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We have a dedicated MADical SET (Social Events & Themes) team that provides special attention to social affairs, themed events, parties, bride & groom to be celebration, baby shower and the list goes on.

We develop contest strategy that help to integrate and increase the impact of your content across all digital and offline platforms while delivering a personalised brand experience.

Our team at MADPAT Communications provide unravel endless possibilities for your business that exceed your customers' expectations. From our proposal to execution, we create value and s sustainable competitive advantage that strengthen your brand presence.

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When there's any space at any given time, whether it is at the beach, green terrain, theme park or water park, we are able to customise a line of activities for the perfect family day outing.

Our programme focuses on family values, commitments of a working parent, togetherness, ‘getting to know you better’ and support.

In the activities which are proposed, you will find that we look into providing developments of family support, interactions, listening skills, stronger bonds, and more. 

Our EXT (Events, Exhibition & Team Building) team conduct indoor and outdoor corporate team building events that cater to improve the morale of employees while looking into boosting the quality and productivity of the team.


Whilst we focus on building physical and mental strength, the programmes developed are also based on strengthening Corporate values, culture, goals and employee relationships. 


Our programmes offer special MADICAL solutions for employee’s conflicts, trust, teamwork, creativity, individual development and so on. 


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Call us your Marketing Specialist or a.k.a your Brand EMS (Extraordinaire MADical Service). Our Eventors breathe life into our clients’ events, creating storytelling-viral that will become the talk-of-the-town for attendees and participants. 


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