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Business Tourism



“With the right people, you will never go wrong”


We are builders of the future of businesses. We are here to ensure a healthy and prolific continuity of our clients brand’s presence in the market. 

What we do?

"More men, more share. Move with the crowd but always stand out."

Phat Stone Studio is not only a Marketing, Branding and Advertising agency but a business partner to all our clients. We create change in Business 360º Brand Life Cycle through Collaboration instead of Competition. We believe that by establishing strategic partnerships, together, we are able to develop business ripple effect that effects various entities.

The BIG Idea:

  • No substitution for face-to-face communication and networking

  • Expansive growth in business travel statistics makes it relevant for modern corporate organisations

  • Corporate trips are prevalent, thanks to the increasingly globalised business landscape

  • 445 million business trips annually. Numbers are forecasted to increase.

  • Capitalise on business travel budget – meals (21%), flight (17%), misc. expenses (17%) and accommodations (13%)

  • Demands of a business traveller – quality and comfort, trust, convenience, ease-of-mind and affordability

The BIZ Talk:

  • Promoting growth in small and large scale investments and businesses in Malaysia

  • Building and securing a network of local and international investors through partnerships and strategic alliances

  • The use of master data solely accessible to Phat Stone Studio will pre-determined and/or enable partners and investors action plan

  • Based on the economic system of “supply and demand” with guided price signals factored in investment, production and distribution 

  • Involvement of small business counterparts

  • Efficient time to source, produce and deliver

  • Increase social and economic status as a ‘Newly Industralised Country’ 

  • Promoting local scenes, products and skills

Our Business Tourism strategy models help organisations and businesses from generating leads to expanding their current business territories.

Consult us today to get your business moving forward:

  • Company Startup

  • Business Development

  • Strategic Business Proposal Plan

  • Prospect Engagement

Business Tourism Partners: 

  • Malaysia-China Commercial Exchange Association

  • Local & China Travel Agents

  • Selected Hotels & Resorts

  • Chande Trading Logistics Sdn. Bhd.

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